Why Haven’t I Been Posting?

Well…the simple answer is I haven’t had anyone to date.

The waters have been very choppy lately. I have not had any good experiences online and the crappy POF and Tinder experiences stop becoming funny and just sad after a while.

Am I still searching for my Fish? Yes, I haven’t given up. But we are clearly in a month of still waters and the pickings are slim. I am not quite at desperations point where I want to go out with men of questionable character and unattractive features. Maybe we will explore that in May lol.

Aside from that, I am inherently monogamous. It is actually incredibly hard for me to focus on several men at once because I very quickly pick a favorite and shower him with all my affection. Once there is a clear front runner, all these other men become boring to me and I can’t force myself to reply or reach out for more interaction.

So what do we do in the interim?

I will continue with my Bedroom Booms, my Date Night Recipes and my This Week In Online Dating regular postings, but to round out that content I will need your help.  I know I am no the only one out here with mildly humorous dating life. I am inviting my readers to submit their screenshots and dating stories for a weekly highlight. Plus, it will be less depressing for me to not feel so in a shitty dating cycle. We are in this together!  You can submit your dating stories to my Facebook page. Just inbox me and I will bow and kiss your feet for saving my little project of a blog (Shameless plug for you to like it while you are there)