This Week In Online Dating

Every week, I want to feature some of the more awesome messages I get on my online profiles. The great, the good and the ugly – luckily this week was pretty tame and no one asked to eat my ass. I do withhold screennames and identifying information, I’m not an asshole.

A great pickup line

This one was pretty funny. I am a sucker for a corny pickup line. I wonder why they are not used more. This is gold standard material to get me out on a date. Like guy…a fucking appendix? I was literally locked into a conversation because I have the humor of a child. Take note, fellas.


The Actual Conversation

What a rare unicorn of a man! I have grown complacent and resigned myself with having to lead a conversation online because men hate to type and explicitly talk about what they want and who they are looking for. Especially on Tinder, which is 90% men looking for a quick romp with an easy target. This interaction was a  breath of fresh air. Not only was he mature, but honest, straightforward, and communicative. Also, he is French and I wouldn’t be the raunchy bitch I am if I didn’t imagine his accent would make me snail down the hallway right into his (or my) bed. But anyway, I honestly enjoyed our conversation and took the initiative to ask him on a date. We will go out next week, so look for my post on that experience! *fingers crossed*