The Time I Got My Ass Beat (My Sub Experience)

It’s been almost a year since my last post. I’ve fallen in like a couple of times, had my heart broken too – but a bitch is back. To reward you all for your patience. I’m finally typing out my first x-rated post. Mama, this one ain’t for you.

So this is the story  all about how
My ass got flipped-slapped upside down
And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became the sub of a African called ‘El

How We Met:

So I was scrolling along Tinder. You know how my ass is, left left left left left right left. And I accidentally swiped right on this lil’ fella. I’m a bit of a big girl so I prefer my men taller than me or fatter than me so I don’t feel like the number “18” standing next to him. To my surprise, we matched. I hurried to un-match but curiosity got the better of me and read the profile of my tiny chocolate bean. “El” was all of 5’6 and 145 pounds. But his teeth were white, his arms were built and was a lil ugly…just the way I like them. I was trying this thing called not being judgmental and he liked my big ass, so what the hell?

I messaged him.

We hit it off. He was cool as fuck. Had a good sense of humor and put up with my bullshit. I asked him what he was looking for. And replied that he had only been in town two weeks from California and wasn’t looking for anything serious, just a tour guide and perhaps a new sub.


A new sub? Enlighten me, good sir.

Apparently ol’ El here has been very active in the BDSM community and was a trained Dominant. (First of all, they have classes for that shit?) If you don’t know me well, one thing about me is that my ears perk up at some new freak shit and I had to hear more.

He said, “Ok, meet me for lunch today and I’ll tell you more”. You dont have to ask me twice.

I met El at an Italian restaurant. I was cute as hell that day. Jumpsuit was sitting on my ass right and I was wearing my new platform sandals. He came up to my table and to my utter shock, this accent comes out of his mouth. There are only three accents that cause an instant panny gush from me.

New Orleans, New York and fucking South Africa. Ol buddy El was from South Africa. Something about that patois twist of British English. Good God, I was ready to listen to anything he said.

I was curious about the BDSM lifestyle, I’d never experienced it (at the time) and partly because I fear the my initial reaction to pain is the fight reflex and I’d accidentally end up fucking my man up. But also…I have a thing about being dominated, put in my place….and the thought of being able to do this in a controlled environment. Well, color me intrigued.

He explained the rules.

  1. The submissive controls the relationship. A dominant cannot ask for more than sub is willing to give
  2. Yes, there are safe words and it is discussed prior to starting the relationship
  3. He likes giving pain but prefers to limit it to spanking, whips and choking – he did not care for gory domination. He liked the beauty of bruising, not drawing blood.
  4. He was partial to lifestyle dominance, asking permission before acting.
  5. Please don’t call him “Daddy”

Then he leaned in, “Well? Are you interested?”

I’ll save y’all the details. But to use your imagination, it was curved and disproportionate to his height 🙂

But anyway, I let him beat my ass. Literally.

With a whip.

And a paddle.

And his hands.

And a whole lot of other shit he had custom made in his Big Bag of Freak Shit.

IT. WAS. AMAZING. Every time I yelped while sitting, I had good memories. 

Our relationship lasted a brief 4 weeks before I had explored my fill and thanked him for the experience.

I know some of the readers are thinking, Swan really? YOU??


The fun part of being a healthy sexual adult woman is exploring my sexuality, likes, preferences and doing what the hell I want in a safe environment. That’s all you getting though. Yall gon’ have to be content with my shitty Tinder exchanges the next few weeks.