The Spy Who Sha….Um I Mean – Took Me Out For Oysters

Yay, it’s the first entry to my ” The First Date” series. The series where I well….review my first dates.

I met him on POF ( for the sake of validating his actual existence let’s call “him”, “M”, for the duration of this blog.  I do care for the general respect of his privacy. Plus, he reads my blog and if we fall out next week, he can’t say I was anything but respectful, ha!)

*waves to M* Hey, Bae


The Back Story

I met “M” on POF. All I saw at first was this fine ass tall man next to a car. After the week I’d had with tiny men, prison inmates and unwashed gents messaging me – it was a veritable breath of fresh air that this lil potential Zaddy was sliding in my shit.

I did a little internal yay and was like,

“Bet. Let’s bag this shit”

We had a cute little conversation. But I was on my to St. Louis to be a ratchet bitch so I didn’t give him the attention he deserved. We resumed conversation Sunday.

To my delight I discovered he was a gotdamn nut.

Future Zaddy couldn’t be serious to save his life. And I like that shit. I have found that there are some men online who go through a whole lot to impress you when I’m really impressed with a real ass personality and someone who laughs at my jokes.

So that was checked off the list.

We ended exchanging numbers and texting until 4am in the morning like some damn 17 year olds. We set up our date to be that same night. Tenacity. I like that shit, too. He texted me and told me to meet him at this local raw oyster bar, Jax Oyster Bar. Lowkey, I was nervous. Not because I was intimidated, but because I don’t like raw oysters and I didn’t want to spend my own money to get real food after the date was over.

I arrived on time. He was about 15 minutes late. So I set myself down at the bar and ordered the most expensive drink there as a little surprise for his wallet for making a bih wait.

Ok now to the actual date review:

The Venue: This was a perfect choice! It’s not a common choice for a man, an urban black man at that, to choose an upscale raw oyster bar as their date of choice. I was happy to walk into a blue-lit restaurant with soft rock jams playing softly over the speakers. The decorations were beautiful and I could easily imagine them having a live Blues band in there on the weekend to compliment the romantic ambiance. 10/10 would go again.

The Food: I walked to discover a menu of fancy ass alcoholic beverages and food other than raw oysters on the half shell. In fact, I had the fattest shit on the menu…Gumbo Fries. Yes, bitch. Gumbo. Fries. Thank God, he didn’t judge me because I came to eat. Them shits were delicious, too. He had the fish and chips, real basic… but I ain’t mad at it. He did eat half my fries though…and didn’t offer nair a piece of fish as he was fucking MY shit up.

The Man: First off, we are the same person. Childish ass fuck with the same sense of humor. He looks like his photos. He speaks in this interesting drawl, that’s so disconcerting to me I asked him if he was high. (Thank you for not taking offense “M” lol) He works out, the lil skinny Zaddy I thought he was turned out to be a cut ass piece of stone and I was here for it. And he’s not dumb as hell….actually he’s the opposite. We ended up sitting outside in my car another 2 hours after eating, making fun of the drunk white girls fighting outside.

The Overall Experience

Would I date him again? Of course, I would. He was fun, thought I was cute, and neither of us held each other to any over idealistic expectations of the night other to enjoy ourselves and get to know each other. As a matter of fact, we have plans tonight.

Overall I think it was a positive experience. Zaddy Option #1 has officially been established.