The Love Apps

Part of keeping content on my blog requires me to maintain an active dating life. I mean, can’t really have a dating blog without a steady stream of dates. So I have taken the initiative to download a plethora of popular dating apps available to detail the very different experiences each gives. Honestly, I have a few favorites but for the sake of eventually finding me a man, we have to at least take the most popular ones for a spin.


Tinder: The front runner for hookups and dates for the young urban professional. The app interface is easy to use, swipe right on hotties and left on notties. They really capitalized on the current culture that values looks and quick satisfacttion. The mutual matches do give you a certain bit of confidence. Ok, fine zaddy here is feeling a bitch selfies? Lemme gon head and shoot my shot. Tinder only allows you to filter by age and distance, giving you a good chance at meeting every single male in your vicinity. Who doesnt like a good selection?

Plenty of Fish: A old favorite. My first experience with online dating was with “POF”. I hold such a soft spot for it that it inspired the name behind this site. The classic dating site intrface, that allows you to pick a cute username and fill out your personal characteristics. There is a little bit of science behind a good POF profile. You want a catchy headline to attract attention. Fill out your bio, but not too much, otherwise they won’t read it. The demographic here is definitely eclectic. Various levels of drug dealers, married men and a little sprinkle of prison inmates, but there a few hidden gems in here. Some of my best dates came from POF.

Badoo: This is a new one. I’m still learning the premise but this site capitalizes off “no catfishing”. Members must verify their phone numbers and social profiles as well as take a live selfie to assure users you are who you say you are. I do appreciate this.  It creates a bit of trust between users. I haven’t played long on this one but I’m sure it will be featured in a upcoming post.

BLK: This is also a new one I am just finding. It is the black version of Tinder and I certainly appreciate it. I am a black woman and I do have a preference for black men. I don’t have to waste time sorting through a field of Tims to find my Tyrell. My only complaint is that it is a little buggy and hard to navigate. It took me a week to figure out how to view additional photos.

OKCupid: I’m not sure how I feel about this one yet. The quizzes are fun and you can be stuck for hours taking personality tests, but the users are more sparse in my area compared to other apps. We will explore this one more closely later and see where it takes us.

Bumble: Ladies make the first move! What a concept, I wish I had thought of it first. A whole dating site where you can’t talk until the woman shoots her shot. Love it, it takes the pressure off the man to field rejection. Not for the shy, unless a lady is pushing herelf to step outside the box. As for myself, I dont mind approaching first. I’m a starting player, my three-pointer is strong and I may be able to take your daddy from halfway down the block.

I may add new sites to my list as this blog matures into a purpose. But as for now, here is the starting lineup. Future baby daddy has to be in one of these right?