Bedroom Boom to Get You In the Mood 3

I can’t be the only one that choreographs strip teases as soon as I hear a sexy ass song? This banger I have for y’all today does that for me. Soon as I hear it my legs involuntarily spread and I started fantasizing about how I was gon break it down for lil’ boo.

Jhene Aiko is the type of innocent quiet songbird that you expect to make music to meditate. Then you close your eyes and instead of soothing sounds about nature and spirit, you get:

Don’t be surprised, baby, it’s just me (just me)
Don’t be surprised, boy, when I bust it wide
I hypnotize you with this pussy (pussy)
Now you feel like you can fly, I

Anyway, get nekkid for your boo tonight and hypnotize him with the pussy ladies. Click to listen below.