Bedroom Boom To Get You In The Mood 3/24

Awwww yeah. We in the mood tonight baby. It’s been a minute since the last Bedroom Boom and ya’ll need to get some again. You have been stressed. Baby Daddy been on bullshit. The boss at work been an asshole. But bae been holding you down, all week. Supporting you. Rubbing backs and greasing scalps. He needs a night for him. And all you need a lil bit of dick in payment.  But nun nasty, ya’ll in love tonight.

Let me set the scene.

You emerge from a nice hot shower.  You know the shower I’m talking about. Shaved every part of you. Even took out the good exfoliator and shower oil. You come in the room, take out the lavender oil and rub your skin till you glisten like a freshly baked turkey that’s been basted just right on Thanksgiving. Throw on your good pair of panties and a matching bra. Your good silk bonnet. Aw yeah, tonight gonna be something special.

You take a lighter and light your Bath and Body Works Vanilla candles and turns out the lights. Turn down the sheets and set the Magnums and fresh towels on the nightstand.

*The front door opens*

Bae is home.

You meet him at the door with a wine glass of Hennessey straight. Three cubes of ice. Just right. Only the best for Zaddy.

You grab him by the hand and lead him into your dominion. Tonight is yours.

You undress him and lay him gently on the bed and remove the Henny from his hands. Three cubes now become two as you dip your fingers in and take a cube to put between your lips.

And you go to work.

The room is silent aside from short cries from him and you whisper,

“How does it feel?”

Just right, girl. Just right.