Bedroom Boom to Get You In The Mood #1

Every week, I am sharing a selection of music to get you ready for some lovin’. Now, this music can range from classic soul to some ratchet shit that isn’t meant for Christian ears. It’s whatever provokes me to let that freak flag fly (I mean…I haven’t in a while, but that’s a blog post for another day).

Today we have a selection from a new artist that has me #ackinup recently! Soon as that beat come on, my ass gets to jumpin’ uncontrollably and I look around for a suspect to back it up on. Warning: this is not for those looking for meaningful lyrics. Fuck that, Venus said I have a motive and I’m letting you know straight out. I mean, check out the first sentence of the first verse,

Throw it back bitch / go dumb on da dick

Yea I got dat water water / splish splash shit

Yas Venus, I concur!

But anyway, take a listen. Twerk some ass and get some for me tonight.