Oh God, What the Fuck Am I Doing?

Who am I?

Listen. There is nothing remarkable about me (aside from my infectious personality). I’m not some popular Instagrammer, comedian or public figure. Hell, I just hit 300 friends on Facebook last month. I am just a regular ass 30-year-old single woman who is feeling life as a modern-day spinster quickly approaching. But if you want to know some interesting tidbits about me: I am ambidextrous, I curse way too much, my favorite colors are teal and bright yellow, I once tried veganism for 3 days and I’m currently teaching myself to twerk. (Aint no use having all this donkey if I can’t figure out how to make this bitch riiiide, ayyyy!)

Oh, and in case I forget to mention, my name is Swan. Hi, nice to meet you. 🙂

What the fuck am I doing?

Good question, I don’t fucking know either. I’m just treating this like the rest of my life and just winging it. I’ve been intermediately documenting my dating life on Facebook in the form of humorous statuses (stati?) for years. One day, I got the grand idea to bring this in the form of a blog. So far, I’ve determined I want to do dating app reviews, document my dates, love horror stories, date night ideas, recipes, a few social experiments and personal thoughts of my own experiences as I navigate the single waters.

Why the hell am I doing it?

I’ve always wanted to be a blogger. But as I mentioned before. I am exceedingly unremarkable. I just didn’t have shit to talk about. I still don’t, to be honest. So fuck it, now is as good a time as any. Right now it seems fun, and hell, maybe it may work. Can you imagine if I found love just because I started a dating blog on a whim? What a story for the wedding toast, amirite?

When can you get updates?

Currently, I am dedicated to posting new content three times a week. Look for a posting schedule of Monday, Thursday and Saturday. But that could change too. *shrugs*


Hope you enjoy my life as much as I do!